Before Rick and Morty There Was Doc and Mharti


Before Rick and Morty there was Doc and Mharti.  *NSFW*

What started as a way to spoof  copyright issues with a vulgar Back to the Future parody (Roiland was being sent cease and desist letters due to his House of Cosbys shorts) ended up inspiring one of the best shows on television today.  He ended up digging the voices he came up with and veered the skit away from purposely causing issues with Universal’s lawyers by changing the names of the main characters to Doc Smith and Mharti McDonhalds.  Keep in mind,  this video is extremely NSFW.  You’ve been warned.

He ended up doing 3 more shorts with these characters before pitching the show to Adult Swim.

One was to promote the comic book “Scud: The Disposable Assassin“.

Another skit was created to promote the freedom that Channel 101, a non-profit monthly short film festival in LA and NY, provided to its creators.


Here’s one more short that Justin worked on that spoofed a Gatorade commerical:

This wouldn’t be the last time Justin would play around with prototypes of my favorite characters.  In the short “The Unmarketables” two characters definitely have the Rick and Morty vibe and one of them is even named Poopybutthole Pooerson.  Wooooooweeeeeeee!


I love seeing earlier versions of characters I love and how they evolved over time.  It goes to show that if you stick with something, even something as ridiculous as a Marty McFly parody licking the balls of a Doc Brown parody, that you may be able to spin that into something universally praised as hilarious. Justin Roiland is one of the funniest people alive today and Season 3 of Rick and Morty cannot come soon enough.

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