The Story Thus Far.

Welcome to Brain Dead Radio.  What you see before you came out of the depths of two pop-culture riddled brains.  Rob and Ceej met in college and decided to get in the podcast game with a show they  called “PodCaust” back in 2007.  After realizing that people enjoyed hearing them babble about horror films and video games they decided to re-brand themselves and start a “serious” show.  In 2009, they decided to start a podcast network called “Brain Dead Radio”.   Rob and his wife started a show called “She’s Right, I’m Rob” and then “The Award Winning” Randall and his lady friend started “The Boom Patrol“.  Ceej and Rob even created “The Talking Dead” (YEARS BEFORE AMC’ DECIDED TO COPY US).   On top of these amazing shows, Rob and Ceej also started BDRcade to cash in on the “WATCH OTHER PEOPLE PLAY VIDEO GAMES” craze.


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