Brain Dead Radio Episode 161: Picture Unrelated


Our heroes are back with tales of holiday bliss, Frank Grillo kicking ass and taking names, and really crappy toys.After almost dying from the plague over the holidays, Rob gets Ari and Ceej together for a must needed catch up session.   Rob falls head over heels in love with Beyond Skyline (Spoilers: 17:00-25ish), Ceej has other plans for Frank Grillo, and then Ari chats about a few movies he missed in 2017 such as Split, Get Out, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (Spoilers 35:00 – 50ish).  After this Rob and Ceej chat about Bright (Minor Spoilers: 51:00-57ish) and how everyone is wrong before Ari spills what really turns him on: rocks.

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