Brain Dead Radio Episode 146: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy


Rob and Ceej are back with tales of bragging, giant monsters, sentient usb devices, and WalMart shenanigans.

Rob gets a new toy, Ceej refuses to let a mistake go under the radar, and a new business venture between the duo may involve some sweet montage music.   Rob is excited to head to his ma’s compound for vacation, they both loved Kong: Skull Island (no spoilers), Ceej is late to the party but shares his thoughts about Lucy (SPOILERS:26:00 – 36:00), and Rob wished they would have made the entire Power Rangers movie as fun as the last 30 mins (Spoilers: 35:50 – 40:00).

Rob explains to Ceej what nefarious plans NASA is up to in Rob’s Konspiracy Korner before Ceej bring forth his own conspiracy involving deserted Wal-Marts and government cover ups.


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