Brain Dead Radio Episode 145: The Adventures of Robby Cocoa Puffs and Boy Tiger


Ceej and Rob are back with tales of birthdays, new nicknames, clowns, and terrible sitcoms.

Ceej is finally getting to that age where he’ll soon need to hold his testicles up so they don’t fall in the toilet, Rob meets Ceej’s other BFF and feels threatened, and Ceej hates the movement that Rob is trying so hard to get off the ground.

Another of Rob’s heroes has died, sitcoms in the 90’s were odd, Ceej thinks about getting beard plugs, they both dig CLOWN (Spoilers 36:05-42:02), and Rob enjoys the documentary series The Keepers on Netflix even if it makes him feel incredibly dirty.


E3 2017 has come and gone and there is some cool shit coming.  Ceej got moist when he heard about Skyrim VR while Rob is in love with being drunk on a starship in Star Trek Bridge Crew VR.

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