Brain Dead Radio Episode 138: #NotAllScarves


Ceej and Rob are back and Rob still wants what he can’t have.

Rob brings a robot into his house and he’s one step closer to his gold watch and fuckbot but will need to settle for no watch and madlibs instead.  Christopher Lloyd was a gross hobo, Ceej had a sweet treehouse, and Rob enjoys stalking people from his past.  Ceej loves steam, gears, and boobs while Rob always knew wrestling was fake as hell.

They take a moment of silence for Coconut Pete, Ceej wants to re-create “the sexy scene” from True Lies and Rob has some ideas on how to make that scene even better with a few new line recordings.   Ceej digs Horizon Zero Dawn, Rob hangs with The Warriors, and then Rob hates on a movie nerds love.


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