Brain Dead Radio Episode 137: Ceej and the Fire in the Sky OR I Don’t Need All Those Hot Bars


Rob and Ceej are back and Ceej forgot the orange spray paint.

Was it a drone?  Was it a weather balloon?  Will Ceej ever admit that he made everything up?  Only time will tell.  After Ceej chases the fire in the sky our duo quickly chats about the Arrival (Spoilers: 5:30-10:45) and then dive into some of their other favorite extraterrestrial movies.  Rob couldn’t deal with Unsolved Mysteries or Rescue 911 as a kid and Ceej thinks he’s a giant pussy because of this.

Rob is physically and mentally drained after his first full month of being a #BuisnessJerk, Ceej can’t sit still for more than a minute, For Honor kicks both of their asses when Ubisoft’s servers work properly, and  Wallace the zombie and the Up-Up-Up shenanigans happening in the Walking Dead is the best thing to happen in forever.

Our duo touch fingertips before finishing the episode talking about David Brent: Life On the Road (Spoilers: 52:40 – 61:ish)


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