Brain Dead Radio Episode 136: The Salad Party


Ceej and Rob are back and they can’t believe what they are hearing.

They kick off the episode in the only way they can….drunk discussion about what the shit is going on in America and the only hope we have for our country.  Rob and Ceej lace up their movie boots with the new segment “Late to the Party”.  Rob falls in love with The Nice Guys while Ceej joins John Wick in some quick discussions in movies that most people don’t care about anymore.  During this, it comes to light that Ceej’s lady friend has beef with Keanu Reeves and Rob cannot let that stand.  They discuss some of Keanu’s best roles before Ceej brings one of his favorite montages to the table.

The duo discusses that the latest attempt to revive the Friday the 13th movies has died another death and how they would do it if they had their chance.  Kenny Powers is going to be working with Mix Master Carpenter on a new Halloween movie (YES!), and Kevin Smith goes back to the well again but without his better characters and they both some opinions about this.


Resident Evil 7 kicked both of their asses (massive spoilers 89:50 – 111:20), Rob enjoys Fire Emblem Heroes a whole bunch, and they wrap it up with Ceej’s quick thoughts on For Honor.


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