She’s Right, I’m Rob Episode 29: 6 Years A.T.G.


Rob and Lesley are back after only a week and Rob feels betrayed.

Our lovebirds reminisce about the coolest lofts and houses of all time while getting REAL with RULES of the ROAD by GRINDING with JOCKS and ROCK and Rob admits something he’s never told anyone before. Lesley’s spring break vacations were never like the ones that were on MTV but that didn’t deter Rob from trying to look like one of his childhood heroes.  After spending some time in the memory warehouse, Rob unleashes a brand new segment called #RobLovesFelicity thanks to everyone who tagged him online, (28:35 – 107:00).  It comes to light that Felicity may be the worst human on the planet, if the roles were reversed this would be a much different show, goths aren’t all they are cracked up to be, and Rob just cannot escape the hell that is Brian Crackow.


After this Lesley and Rob quickly talk about the glut of superhero shows before gushing about the new FX show Legion.  They aren’t huge fans of Powerless (even though drunken Rob keeps calling it Fearless), and wrap up the show asking the lovlies to let them know if Rob should continue watching Felicity….


As promised, here is Rob’s stream of consciousness in the form of notes while he watched the very first episode of Felicity:   Felicity Ep 1

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