She’s Right, I’m Rob Episode 28: Raining Diamonds


Lesley and Rob are back after 7 months and so much has happened in that time span.  Mostly pizza and movies.

It’s raining diamonds in the Hughes household as our lovebirds share stories of new jobs and promotions while incredibly drunk.  Moods have shifted and even though the world is going through a terrible time, they still find time to laugh and have fun.  They head deep into the woods with the new Blair Witch movie (Spoilers 32:15-50:ish) and give it a combined score of 4.5 tampons before switching gears to hang out with autistic Ben Affleck in The Accountant (Spoilers 52:ish-60:ish) which they thoroughly enjoyed and grace it with 1.5 tampons.


After all of these shenanigans they debut a new segment called “Late to the Party” and gush over the show The Goldbergs and discuss just how close to home it hits for both of them.  Once they get out of the 80’s, Lesley begs the audience to help her in making Rob watch one of her favorite shows so they can finally discuss it while Rob is incredibly hesitant to do so due to the lack of Pink Power Ranger boobs and no gore…


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