Brain Dead Radio Episode 135: Our Chunky Future is in Trouble


Rob and Ceej are back with tales of magic, old man dong, and positive intent.

In the last episode, Rob told Ceej he would dabble in the dark arts to make Ceej respect magic and Rob ends up Dan Cortese’ing it.  NOICE.  Ceej refuses to hold up his end of the deal (that he never actually agreed to), Logan would be amazing if it was rated R due to nothing but Professor X dong, and Ceej infuriates Rob with his take on the new Power Rangers trailer.   Shampoo threatens to break up the dynamic duo, the chunky future from Bill and Ted is never going to materialize, and Ceej can’t deal with Rob “Positive Intent” Hughes.   Ceej tries again to school Rob with his anime knowledge, Star Trek: The Next Generation spurs a quick conversation, and Rob wraps up the episode by talking about what he liked and didn’t like with Ouija: Origin of Evil (minor spoilers:69:00 – 77:00).

Please pick a side in the ongoing war that Ceej and Rob are having by tweeting @Buff_Headcheese with either hashtags:  #OldManCeej or #BeratingRob


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