Brain Dead Radio Episode 134: The Dark Arts Are Not To Be Messed With


Rob and Ceej are back and a 2 of spades threatens to ruin their friendship.

Rob decides to take the high road and not pull a Scarface on his last day and instead reminds Ceej why VR is amazing and tells him just what he is missing.  Spoiler:  It’s free VR Porn.  Cyberpunk is in our hands and Ceej keeps it delegated to a box.  Ceej makes fun of the dark arts and Rob reminds him that they are not to be trifled with.  Nintendo reveals the Switch and it confuses our dynamic duo with its ridiculous gimmicks, lack of games, and seeing Mario hang out with “humans”.  They end the episode with watching David Blaine do some ridiculous shit and Rob bets Ceej that he will make him respect magic one day…


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