Brain Dead Radio Episode 132: That Beard Is My Comfort Food


Ceej and Rob are back and they can’t believe just how crappy 2016 continues to be.

Princess Leia becomes one with the force and it sort of destroys Rob but thankfully Ceej is able to bring him back from the edge.  They discuss the moral implications of using someone’s likeness after they die and Ceej has some ideas on what he would do with Rob’s face.  Rob really enjoys the new show People of Earth, digs The Autopsy of Jane Doe, torments his wife with the Fuller family, and then they discuss junk food for the soul.  Dead Rising 4 is all sorts of awesome while Ceej has a new take on Final Fantasy XV before Rob brings Ceej into the world of Pervert Park.

The boys of BDR wish you and yours a fantastic New Year and will continue to bring you new shows and episodes in 2017!



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