Brain Dead Radio Episode 131: Rogue Boners


Rob and Ceej are back after a short hiatus and they cannot contain their boners for Rogue One.

Plague doctors, Star Wars, Boy Band RPGs and more are discussed in this supersized new episode.  Rogue One is officially out and our fearless heroes talk in detail (MASSIVE SPOILERS: 4:23 –  55:34) about the newest entry into the Star Wars universe.  They argue over what is and isn’t formulaic about it,  what completely worked and didn’t work, and just how awesome it was to have new characters to interact with (KUNG FU BLIND GUY IS THE BEST).

After that lengthy discussion they switch gears and Ceej hangs out with Bindi Irwin and Cereal Killer on an island and Rob discusses his lust for Susan Sarandon thanks to Ceej showing him a trailer that may just be the best thing ever.  Rob is late to the party in regards to Don’t Breathe (Spoilers: 80:12 – 90:31) and thinks it’s one of the best horror movies in a long time but feels a bit let down with Doctor Strange (no spoilers). Ceej then goes on a road trip with some hot anime boys in Final Fantasy XV and Rob continues his love affair with his PSVR thanks to the new Star Wars Battlefront and Resident Evil 7 demos.


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