Brain Dead Radio Episode 130: ‘Member The Good Times?


Ceej and Rob are back and have no idea what to think.

Our duo is coming to grips with what the hell happened with the election and they are already turning on each other.  Rob tries to ignore what is happening, Ceej thinks we need to build robots for the upcoming revolution, and they try to make sense of everything.  Rob hated Sausage Party (Spoilers – 10:06-15:20) but he loves his giant robot and everything else about Titanfall 2.


They both miss Brendan Fraser, Ceej had a different viewing experience in regards to some movies from their childhood, and it comes to light that Ceej mostly fails at being an adult for reasons you may not guess.  Rob may or may not be attuned, Ceej may or may not be a nunchuck master, and a Bro Ghost would be the best entity to be haunted by.

End song:  Secret Broadcast – Don’t Feed The Crows

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