Brain Dead Radio Episode 127: Ceej Is Tom Cruisey


Rob and Ceej are back and discuss the hidden connections between the lizard people and ICP, getting one’s sunshine stolen, possible abductions, and Cruisey.

The BDR gang needs a break from the rigamarole but are excited for what is coming up.  Ceej may or may not believe in lizard people, Rob may or may not be being visited by strangers, and Ceej tries to put a positive spin on everything as usual.  During all of this Rob gives quick mini spoiler free reviews of X-Men: Apocalypse, The Conjuring 2, and Neighbors 2 before he listens to what Ceej has to say about Tom Cruise: Action Star with a mild spoiler review of Jack Reacher (Spoilers 27:29 -40ish).


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