Friday the 13th THE VIDEO GAME – Kill Montage


It’s time to head back to Camp Crystal Lake for some more slasher shenanigans.

Friday the 13th is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, developed by Gun Media, in which 8 people can play.  One person portrays Jason Voorhees while the others play as the camp counselors. The objective is for the counselors to survive the night by running from Jason, whom can be defeated by teamwork and planning.  It seems to be a better version of Dead by Daylight and it helps that Kane Hodder has been doing all of the motion capture for the kills.  Some of those are outright brutal.  If only the movies were able to show those kinds of kills.  Goddamn the MPAA for neutering the movies.   Gun Media seems to have no problem in showing what fans of the series want from their favorite slasher however and it looks to be a blast.


The game is set to be released Fall 2016 on PS4,Xbox One, and PC.  Pre-order it here!

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