Rob Zombie’s 31 – New Trailer!


Say what you will about Rob Zombie but he has a vision.  A fucked up vision, but a vision none the less.

I’m a fan of Rob Zombie and what he brings to the table for the most part.  The Devil’s Rejects is in my top 20 horror films of all time and while I wish he’d go back to that style of movie I can’t fault the guy for continuing to create new works of “art”.  While his remakes of Halloween/Halloween 2 may not have gone over so well (seriously, such a misstep) his other flicks have at least brought something different to the table in each case.

I’m hoping this isn’t just a torture porn flick like SAW and instead is more of a horror version of The Running Man.  The trailer feels like a commercial for a video game and that’s not a bad thing in my opinion.   It’s just too bad his wife had to show up again.



  • Sheri Moon Zombie as Charly
  • Jeff Daniel Phillips as Roscoe
  • Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Panda Thomas
  • Meg Foster as Venus Virgo
  • Richard Brake as Doom-Head
  • Malcolm McDowell as Father Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder
  • Judy Geeson as Sister Dragon
  • Jane Carr as Sister Serpent
  • E.G. Daily as Sex-Head
  • Pancho Moler as Sick-Head
  • Lew Temple as Psycho-Head
  • David Ury as Schizo-Head
  • Torsten Voges as Death-Head
  • Ginger Lynn as Cherry Bomb
  • Tracey Walter as Lucky Leo
  • Daniel Roebuck as Pastor Victor
  • Devin Sidell as Georgina Victor
  • Michael “Red Bone” Alcott as Fat Randy Bumpagussy
  • Kevin Jackson as Levon
  • Andrea Dora as Trixie
  • Esperanza America as Snoopy
  • Jermain Hollman as Goon
  • Sandra Rosko as Satan’s slave
  • Kara Gibson as Satan’s slave

The official synopsis:

From the visionary mind of the man who brought us House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and Halloween, comes the horrific story of five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large compound. At the mercy of their captors, they are forced to play a twisted game of life or death called 31. For the next 12 hours they must fight for their lives against an endless parade of homicidal maniacs.

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