Resident Evil 7 – “Lantern” Gameplay Trailer!


Capcom has released a brand new “gameplay” trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game.  


Listen, I love the Resident Evil series.  Resident Evil 2 is one of my top 10 games of all time.  I even liked parts 5 AND 6 for what they were but I’m the asshole who didn’t really enjoy part 4 so my opinion may not be worth a damn.  When they released the first demo of this a few months ago I played it right away and I mostly liked what they were going for if only because it was a brand new RE experience..  The “found footage” genre is right up my alley and it was a nice twist on the standard RE gameplay.

That being said, this looks like a shittier version of Alien:Isoloation at the moment.  The one saving grace of this game for me right now is that there will also be a full gameplay experience via the Playstation VR helmet and that is what I ‘m most excited about.

I don’t need a RE game to be super heavy on the action but I also don’t need it to feel like a downgraded version of Outlast or (RIP) P.T..

Head back to a mansion (maybe, one can hope dammit) on January 24,2017.

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