GoldenEye Source 5.0 Released!


For England, James?


Wow. I’ve played earlier versions of this mod and the team really did put a lot of work into this conversion.  You can tell they loved the original game.  It shows. This newly released total conversion mod for Steam’s Source engine sees an amazing team of modders re-creating all of your favorite levels from the old Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye.

If you are of a certain age then GoldenEye is one of those games that just hits all of those perfect nostalgic notes.  The days where 4 friends would all be in the same room laughing with glee with every judo chop or proximity mine trap, all while playing on a 24″ TV which meant each player had an even smaller section of the screen as their viewpoint.  The shitty N64 controller didn’t matter.  The poor FPS didn’t matter.   All that mattered was that no one picked Odd Job.  If you picked Odd Job you were a bitch.

You may not be able to relive those halcyon days of youth but you can now play the levels that have been burned into your memory banks in stunning HD with refined gameplay, 25 levels, 10 different game modes, and more!


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That soundtrack is still awesome.

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