“Suicide Squad” has taken America and therefore the world by storm. While certain geek subsects and Film Twitter doesn’t care for the film, that hasn’t stopped any number of lovely young ladies from attending cons and screenings dressed up as Harley Quinn. My lust for fictional females know no bounds, but it’s way better when a slightly chubby Hot Topic cashier tries to do her best Margot Robbie. What was the point of this again? Oh yeah! Here are three moments from the Suicide Squad comic that you won’t see in the feature film.


  • Rick Flag accidentally nuking himself

While Rick Flag helped Waller start the Suicide Squad as a means of living up to his father’s legacy, Flag would eventually shame himself. Following the death of his lover Karin Grace, Flag would make a serious of poor choices that would lead Waller to take over the Squad completely. Fearing that he only had one chance to get his good name back, Flag lead a solo mission to the HQ of the Squad’s oldest enemies. Flag knew from his father’s notes that the former Nazi stronghold held a nuclear bomb near its foundation. Flag successfully triggers the device, but runs out of time trying to fight his way out of the HQ. A total MacGruber moment.


  • Amanda Waller doing prison time.

Amanda Waller had two years of running the Squad without any interference. This wasn’t a good thing. Her niece died, she became alienated from what was left of her family and Deadshot started to break out of her control. After the execution deaths of the Louisiana Ordinance Association on top of other public mistakes, the press outed the Squad and Waller did a year in prison for defying government orders.


  • Deadshot murdering US Senators.

Towards the end of the series, Deadshot started becoming far more cold-blooded. After an early outing, where Deadshot killed Senator Cray for trying to expose the Squad…Deadshot started to get more trigger happy. Anyone that crossed the Squad would die and Waller green lighted a ton of it. After his oldest child was raped and killed, Deadshot lost the desire to keep living. All he wanted to do was keep murdering and murdering until he could find the person that would be willing to kill him. The original series run ended with Count Vertigo and Deadshot staring each other down and then being to apathetic to shoot one and other.

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