Stranger Things: The Gift That Keeps on Giving


I’m still obsessed with Stranger Things.


Stranger Things as an 80’s sitcom is a perfect match.  That theme song!  Those perfect clips that make the show seem like a family feel good show!  MORE MODINE!


If you can’t tell I’m still completely obsessed with this show.  We’ve talked about it on a few different podcast episodes of BDR and SRIR and I’ve been just devouring all pieces of fan-art, mashups, and more in regards to it that I can.

Like this awesome mock up of what the Atari game would look like:


Some art by the amazing David Moscati:
davoid2 davide1


A killer glow-in-the-dark screenprint (currently for sale until 8/6) from Quiltface Studios:

stranger things

And even a mock up of what the 90’s PC adventure game of Stranger Things would look like:

On top of that here’s an amazing mixtape by DJ Yoda that incorporates music from and inspired by the show.

Stay tuned for the new episode of BDR that will be posted later this week to hear Ceej’s full take on the series and what we hope the second season will and won’t be.

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