Behind the Scenes in Dead Rising 4


Frank West is back and ready for more undead action in Dead Rising 4.  He’s covered wars, you know. 

The Dead Rising series is one of my gaming guilty pleasures.  The stories are ridiculous, the gore is over the top, the gameplay is extremely hit or miss (especially during boss battles), and the timer system is more of an annoyance instead of something that is actually fun BUT when the stars align this game is a goddamn BLAST.  I bought the Xbox 360 SPECIFICALLY for the original Dead Rising.  Then I had to buy an HD tv because the text was unreadable on my tube tv, but that’s another story.

The last 2 entries in this series were ok…  To be honest I was never a huge fan of the combo weapons introduced in Dead Rising 2, I missed taking photos of the best kill scenes, and neither Chuck Greene (from DR2) or Nick Ramos (DR3) could hold a candle to good old Frank “I’ve covered wars you know” West.  They both were missing that certain “charm” that Frank displayed in the original Dead Rising.

Capcom has decided to go back to Willamette (this time during Christmas!) and to bring Frank West back into the fold.  They also promise more zombies, more gore, and more weapons!

No more timer system!  Exo-Suit Frank!  Taking pictures is back!  FRANK IS BACK!


Get ready to kick more ass this December.

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