You Should Back This: Dead Decks – Dynasty


If you haven’t noticed, we here at BDR love the art created by Florey.  Many of his amazing prints adorn my walls.  So when it was announced he was joining the world of Kickstarter to bring forth even more art, I got excited.  


Not only does Florey create amazing prints and pins, but now he’s venturing into the world of PLAYING CARDS with his first release: Dead Decks – Dynasty.



Introducing ‘Dead Decks’, a new line of playing cards exploring the overall theme of life and death. The first deck, ‘Dynasty’ is loosely inspired by the culture, beliefs and death rituals of royalty throughout history. Stories of death and betrayal lie within each suit, with each face card depicting a character’s life, and with a 180˚ turn, that same character’s afterlife.


Depending on how much you decide to pay to back this project you can get some awesome rewards such as:

DEAD DECK – Plain and simple. One Deck of Dynasty Playing Cards.


Dead Deck

DEAD DECK + DEALER COIN – One Deck of Dynasty Playing Cards and a 1.75″ Dealer Coin.


Dead Deck + Dealer Coin

DEAD DECK + PIN – One Deck of Dynasty Playing Cards and a 1″ Enamel Pin featuring the Dead Decks Skull Logo.


Dead Deck + Pin

DEAD DECK + PIN + COIN – One Deck of Dynasty Playing Cards, a 1″ Enamel Pin featuring the Dead Decks Skull Logo and a 1.75″ Metal Dealer Coin.


Dead Deck + Pin + Coin

DEAD BRICK – Twelve decks of Dynasty Playing Cards.


Dead Brick

DEAD DECK + SKETCH – One deck of Dynasty Playing Cards and a signed 8×10″ one of a kind sketch of one of the characters featured on the face cards (eg. King of Hearts). Only one sketch of each character will be available and will be allocated to backers at random.


So if this seems like something you’d be interested in, you better ACT FAST. He only has 19 days left to fund this awesome project. And of course I backed it. I don’t tell you guys to buy stuff unless I buy it first.