The Pixel Junkies Episode 4: Will Has a Shaky Foundation OR Motherships Like a Motherf***er


In this episode:  The Pixel Junkies play with dolls, and commit space genocide.

Rob talks about how The Sims franchise helped him through a tough time, Will stands on his soapbox and can’t seem to get off, conspiracy theories abound, and they both enjoy the prospect of controlling each other’s lives in a virtual dollhouse.

Once the dolls are put away, they both enter the world of Destiny and are completely confused as to what everything means.  Sleepy voice-overs, boring mission structure, and lack of loot would make most people give up, but The Pixel Junkies find the fun buried underneath a protective layer of glimmer.  They enjoy what Bungie has brought to the table, but are more excited for what they will bring in the future.  Rob also quickly discusses one of the cooler features of the new PS4 release of Diablo 3.

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