Shining Force 2 – Part 1 – BDRcade


I finally relented to Ceej’s instance that we play Shining Force 2 for the Sega Genesis.  I was a  Super NES kid and all I knew about the game was that Ceej was deeply entranced by its gameplay and story.  We all know Genesis kids smelled like pee. I also knew it wasn’t Final Fantasy 3 or Earthbound, so I never really sought it out.  Color me surprised when the game turns out to be a pretty decent turn-based RPG.  In this first installment, Ceej takes control of young BDRNOLD and his merry band of misfits to search out some mystical item, or something.  Midway through the video Ceej ends up doing MLG-style color commentary and I couldn’t stop laughing.


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