The Pixel Junkies Episode 3: How Am I Going to Afford This?


Rob and Will are back with a new SUPER SIZED episode brought to you by: THE UPCOMING FALL/HOLIDAY GAME RELEASE SCHEDULE.

Rob enjoys playing with dolls and doesn’t care that the pools are missing, Bungie is going to bring the pain with Destiny, and Will talks Rob into taking a spinning limo for a ride in Roundabout.

Will and Rob are going to be sucked in by the next eventual release of Disney Infinity when the Star Wars license is used, Will thinks Rob is completely off his rocker in regards to Hyrule Warriors, and Rob cannot be swayed by Will’s insistence that Forza is a worthy series due to the fact there are no hood mounted machine guns.

A new Smash Bros. game does nothing for either of the Junkies, an Oculus is needed to go back to the Nostromo for Will, and Rob sucks at basketball.

Tiny Tina ruined all good will for the Borderlands series for Will, Civilization is too hard for Rob,  Mecha-Spacey is an interesting proposition, and Will is chomping at the bit for theWarlords of Draenor.

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