The Pixel Junkies Episode 1: Press Start Part 1


Welcome to the inaugural episode of:  THE PIXEL JUNKIES.  What is The Pixel Junkies? It’s a gaming podcast featuring two video game addicted guys who just can’t quit the gaming culture.

In the very first episode (part one of two!) your hosts, Will and Rob, invite you into their gaming addiction by discussing how awesome the Dreamcast was, what game made the Genesis worth buying, and Will talks about how he braved a hurricane for a midnight release.  Shenmue, Indigo Prophecy, Vice City, and more are discussed before getting into the main conversation: The Pixel Junkies FAVORITE GAMES EVER.

Will meticulously explains why The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is amazing, Rob grooms Mr. Belding to be the best soldier ever in X-Com: UFO Defense, and then our two hosts talk about how Nintendo was the KING OF THE PLAYGROUND in no small part thanks to Fred Savage and California.

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