The Anderson Tapes Chapter 3: Another Trip Back to the Well Part 2


Rob and Troy are back for Part 2 of their two-part episode, “Another Trip Back to the Well” (Part 1 is here).  Once again they answer more questions from the BDR/AndersonVision fans.  It comes to light that Troy may be a robot, Rob questions Troy’s motives, and Troy explains why he is the way he is.  

The unofficial BDR movie (CEEJ:Streets Callin) is talked about and Rob and Troy throw around the idea of doing a “radio drama” version of it.  The Robocop remake is quickly talked about before Rob and Troy discuss style over substance in regards to Blade Runner and other “classic” movies.

Troy goes to bat for Frank Miller, Rob goes to the kitchen for another beer, and Troy has to keep talking about Transformers 4 because Rob just won’t let it die.   The duo discuss their favorite actor to director transitions,  Troy hates Zack Snyder, Rob tries to understand why Troy defends Sucker Punch, and Troy figures out the mystery behind Princess Kate.