Brain Dead Radio Episode 88: Mama Batman


Rob and Ceej are proud to present the first of a few “special” episodes. This is the first part of a two part episode brought to you by one of the amazing people who donated to keep BDR on the air. This episode is for the anonymous donor that goes by the online screen name of Mama Batman.

As a thank you Rob and Ceej reached out to everyone who donated and asked for a list of things they wanted us to talk about. Mama Batman brought the goods and because of this Rob and Ceej get to talk about one of the things that they love. The 90’s. In this episode the bodacious duo reveal what they jam to while cruising around Minnesota, their guiltiest of musical pleasures, and what their top 5 90’s albums are. Some of the answers may surprise you but Rob knows that he’s in for some vocal feedback after this episode.