Get to the Choppa! – Titanfall – BDRcade


Thanks to my new beastly PC Rig I am able to play Titanfall the way it was meant to be played:  WITH A KEYBOARD AND MOUSE.  Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit controllers.


However, my twitch skills have laid dormant for years (I used to be in a clan that was one of the top Soldier of Fortune 2 clans back in the day) and it’s going to be a while until I get them back.  Until then I’m having a blast with Titanfall and their Attrition mode.  In the Attrition game mode  points are awarded by killing both AI-controlled opponents (Grunts and Spectres) and pilots (other gamers).  Killing the latter rewards more points for the team. The first team to get 250 Attrition points wins the match. This allows all users to feel like they are accomplishing something during any given match.  It also means that depending on who wins, the losers are able to still score some final points by making it to the dropship without getting killed.  It’s more fun to lose in this mode than win.


Successfully making it to the dropship is the best feeling and it’s doubled when you are able to take down a titan before getting to the ship.  The clip below is just one of multiple moments in any given match that help elevate this game above most first person shooters  in my opinion.



Not only did I take down a titan but I also dodged the other titan’s shots and made it to the dropship.  It was epic…for me.

If you want to play against me (or with me) feel free to add me on Origin.  My user name is: Abe_Smashington

You may just make an appearance in an upcoming episode of BDRcade.

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