Brain Dead Radio Episode 80: Sharpening Pencils


Ceej and Rob are back with another episode filled with inane and drunken ramblings about everything Halloween.   Ceej’s Halloween costume may be lazy but it allows the dynamic duo to have a topical discussion about workplace etiquette while Ceej blows your speakers out.   They discuss just what is scariest about their favorite horror movies and what just doesn’t work in some of the later entries to the top 6 franchises.     Rob talks about an embarrassing Halloween party he was part of as a child before both Ceej and Rob decide to get even drunker and watch an episode of a show that gave them both nightmares as children to see if it still holds up.  Spoilers: Parts of it are actually pretty great still.

If you want to watch the episode the two talk about click the links below, and yes there are definitely editing issues with those episodes but it actually makes the show more entertaining.

Part 1 of The Perils of Punky.

Part 2 of The Perils of Punky.

Part 3 of The Perils of Punky.