Brain Dead Radio Episode 79: OMG A Dinosaur


Rob and Ceej are back with a brand new episode of Brain Dead Radio after a 5 months break.  Lots of stuff has been going down in BDRWORLD including new shows, haunted houses, and Ceej being cursed by a gypsy.   Rob and Ceej discuss an oft-forgotten movie from the 80’s starring the original James Franco, the pros of progeria, and they lament the fact neither of them ever owned a Power Wheels car.  GTA V is the big release of the fall season and Ceej is enjoying his murder simulator.  Rob has an unpleasant experience with the online function, Ceej completes Rob, and they discuss awesome Halloween costumes of their youth.  They end the episode with a quick conversation of This is the End (Spoilers: 77:40 – 88ish)