Crenshaw Jackson – Undercover Leonardo


Well here it is.  The debut video of the one and only Crenshaw Jackson.  Prepare your earballs.


So if you are new to BDR, Ceej and myself love creating music.  We’ve been making tunes for the last decade or so and it’s actually how we met.  I created some electronic music for my interactive digital portfolio in college and he just happened to walk into the room while a song I created was playing over the speakers.  After my presentation he came over and asked who the artist was that created the music as he’d like to get a copy.  I smiled, said it was me, and a life long friendship was started.  He was the first person to ever honestly enjoy the stupid ones and zeroes I put together to fuel my creativity.  I soon found out that he also made music and on top of that he was a huge hip-hop fan who could also flow like the wind.  Seriously.  He’s pretty goddamn amazing at it.


Fast forward to today and this “debut”.  This came about as we’ve been recording a bunch more lately and I just decided to video this particular session.  How our setup usually goes is that I will open up my programs (Audition, Fruity Loops, Abeleton, and more), sometimes grab our guitars/bass, and just start recording.  Once a beat is started, Ceej will usually give me a thumbs up or thumbs down and then we know we’re on to something.  At that point we plug in the mics, open up Audition, hit record, and make the “magic”.   We tend not to lay out the tracks before hand and instead I go with the flow and change and manipulate the beats/synths as I see fit.  Ceej then uses his awesome power of eyesight to scan the room we record in for random references as he lays down his track.  It’s a fun process and we enjoy doing it.


If you enjoyed this please let us know on our forums, on YouTube, or even on Facebook.  It would mean the world to us if even one other person enjoyed our “art”.  Thanks for listening.