You Should Buy This: Happy Little Bad Guys


My name is Rob and I’m addicted to buying prints.  I have cut back on almost all of my addictions, except for this one.   I currently have spent more money than I’d like to admit on prints from places such as Mondo, Bottleneck, and Phantom City Creative.  My place is filled with these prints and thanks to my awesome wife I was allowed (hah) to purchase another set to adorn our walls with.

From the wonderfully scary place of Australia (where everything can kill you) comes Mr. Florey.  His prints tend to focus on things that nerds and other super cool people would enjoy having on their walls.  Things such as Star Wars, Batman, Ghostbusters, and more.  He recently released his “Happy Little Bad Guys” collection and this set will only be on sale for the next 72 hours.  You can buy them individually or as a complete set.   He also just dropped the price to $35 bucks for all 9 of the prints with an added bonus print (Darth Maul) that is not available for purchase on its own.  Look at these bastards and revel in how amazingly awesome they are.

These are great in my opinion and would be a great gift for those new nerd parents out there or for that special nerd in your life.  Everyone loves a good bad guy.

Mr. Florey web site

Mr. Florey web store