Movie of the Day – Dreamcatcher


Morgan Freeman doesn't have time for your shenanigans.

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Dreamcatcher is not a good movie.   I have to put that right in the beginning.  It’s a bad movie based on a somewhat mediocre Stephen King novel (that he wrote hopped up on pain meds and not cocaine, which is a shame).  In the pantheon of movies based on King’s work I would say it’s above Sleepwalkers but below Maximum Overdrive. It’s one of those movies that starts off  entertaining and then shits the bed.  Literally.  The moment a character shits the bed the movie goes off the rails and just starts getting weirder and weirder until it gets so bad it actually comes around to being entertaining again.  That being said, it’s not good.  It is a train wreck that needs to be seen for the following reasons (spoilers, duh):

  • Jonesy getting hit by a car.  It’s not quite as hilarious as in Meet Joe Black, but it still made me laugh out loud in the theater.
  • The stupid lingo used through the movie.  Examples: Fuckaroo, fuckaree, bite my bag, bucko, and fuck me Freddy.
  • The Memory Warehouse.  This is the best and most realized idea in the entire movie, if that’s saying anything.   The way it was visualized on screen was really cool and I wish we had more scenes involving it.

  • Rick.  He’s the character that shits the bed.
  • The shot of all of the animals leaving the forest.  “It’s not where they’re going that worries me.  It’s what they are running away from…
  • Jason Lee and his stupid toothpicks.
  • The first shot of Mr. Gray
  • Morgan Freeman’s eyebrows.
  • Jonesy’s head twitch and the “James Bond Villain” voice he uses to signify Mr. Gray.
  • The giant exposition scene where Timothy Olyphant’s character tells the audience all about the special powers that they don’t really use.  Then he gets his dick bit off.
  • The snowmobile scene where Jonesy and Mr. Gray are having a conversation.  I really enjoy how they show that Jonesy isn’t in control.
  • The crash site.  “There’s no infection here…
  • “Issa Gay”
  • Have I mentioned Morgan Freeman’s SENTIENT EYEBROWS yet?
  • Tom Jane uses a gun as a telephone.  Yep.
  • Tom Sizemore versus a helicopter.   Matt from our forums said it best: “When Tom Sizemore is the most rational character in your film, something is fucking WRONG…
  • And of course: Donny “He Was the Bad Boy” Wahlberg as Duddits.