BDRCADE – Up All Night – Slender:The Arrival

I decided it was a great idea to get super drunk and play Slender: The Arrival….in the dark….in a house by myself.   Listen to a grown man scream like Ned Flanders for an hour.

 If you haven’t heard of the phenomenon of Slenderman, I wrote about the original game and the videos it was based off here.  I have to say that the 10 dollars I paid for this game was completely worth it.  I haven’t been this scared while playing a game since the original Slender and Amnesia.  For whatever reason the mythology of Slenderman completely works for me and scares the shit out of me.  If you’d like to try this game out for yourself, head on over to the publisher’s website and pick it up.  Make sure to play in daylight with friends.