Movie of the Day – Airborne


Jack Black acting like Jack Black before he was Jack Black

From AirborneBuy it here

Ah, the summer of 1993.  This movie encapsulates that for me as this was my go-to movie during that summer break from school.  There was nothing cooler than rollerblading back then and I would watching anything that even had a pair of rollerblades in it.  Which is how I came across this movie.  They played this movie on HBO like 10 times a day and I would watch it each time.  Why would I subject myself to that?  TIME FOR SOME BULLET POINTS BRA!

  • It had rollerblading in it, I was obsessed with rollerblading, and this cover was hard to turn down.  I mean look at that tagline: “Man wasn’t meant to fly.  Kids were!”  Fucking sold.
  • I always wanted to be like Mitchell but I was always more like Wiley.
  • I identified with Mitchell due to the fact he was in a new school and didn’t know anyone.  I was a military brat so I understood that feeling quite well.
  • This scene in retrospect makes me want to punch Mitchell in the throat but as a kid I thought he was the coolest person EVER.
  • Jacob Vargas as Snake.  Fun trivia: Jacob played Benicio Del Toro’s partner in Traffic.
    My name’s Snake. I don’t like speech. I never even signed up for it. And I ain’t got no hobbies, ‘less you call collecting knives and putting tattoos across the foreheads of guys I don’t like…”hobbies.” And I have a 1.1 GPA... “
  • The hot redhead.
  • The fashion show.   Seth Green is ridiculous.
  • The scenes of Mitchell finally doing something awesome on rollerblades.  It takes a while before he does anything that even starts to live up to the tagline of the movie but when he does he brings together the bikers, the skateboarders, and the rollerbladers.  He’s like an Extreme Sport Ghandi.  (Skate or Die music was not in the original film.)
  • And of course the entire finale where it’s the preppie kids vs. Mitchell and the rest of misfits in a ridiculous race that has scenes of Mitchell doing stuff like this: