Movie of the Day – The Lost Boys


You will find no sparkles here.

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  The Lost Boys is about as awesome as you can get involving a movie that has Bill S. Preston Esquire, the asshole from Stand By Me, the abused kid from Stand By Me, Lucas from Lucas, and the grandpa from Blossom.   Oh yeah, and vampires.   Can’t forget about the vampires.  But those are far from the only reasons why this movie is great.  People are strange…when you only talk in bullet points:

  • The goddamn theme song.  Listen to this shit.

    Done yet?  I hope you like that being burned into your brain for the remainder of the day.
  • Obviously The Coreys being in the movie ups the awesomeness quota.  They will continue to be one of my favorite on screen duos even though there is only one now.  RIP HAIMSTER.
  • Jami Gertz.
  • Bernard Hughes as the stoner grandpa.
  • Actually no, I’m looking for Batman #14..” , ” That’s a very serious book, man.
  • The Frog Brothers.
  • The Rob Lowe poster in Corey Haim’s bedroom.
  • Do you know what it means when there’s no TV? – No MTV!
  • Corey Haim’s weird laugh he does throughout the whole movie.
  • Sexy Sax Man
  • The Chinese food scene.
  • Initiation’s over, Michael.
  • The shots of the vampires sleeping in their cave.  Really liked the way they created their feet.
  • Alex Winter getting staked.
  • The Coreys montage scene.
  • And of course, “Death by stereo…