Movie of the Day – Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey



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Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey is one of my favorite comedies of all time.  It’s also another case of a sequel that some regard as being better than the original that spawned it.  I am one of those people.  I’m not disparaging the original which I do thoroughly enjoy, but the sequel takes a turn for the absurd in the plot department and completely sticks the landing.    There are so many reasons why this movie is fantastic.  Let’s get rocking with some bullet points:

  • Bill “You Saw My Butt in Die Hard 2 ” Sadler is the man and completely owns the role of Death.  He’s hilarious.
  • The Good Robot Us’s
  • The future scenes.  DAY GLO 4 LYFE
  • 20 questions:
  • Pam Grier is always a pleasure to see in a movie.
  • Death losing at Battleship.  Sadler rocks the hell out of this entire scene.
  • The possession scene.  The dads are hilarious:
  • George Carlin as Rufus will never not be awesome.
  • Granny S. Preston Esquire
  • “You see….we used to be puss weeds.. but now we’re metal..So get over here and put out!”
  • Have I mentioned that Bill Sadler is THE BEST THING EVER IN THIS MOVIE?
  • The final speech and then concert with “rock star” Bill and Ted, the princesses, Death, Station, and the Good Robot Us’s still rocks my face off: