Movie of the Day – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors


Anti-Drug PSA's Are Awesome

From A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream WarriorsBuy it here

This movie is my absolute favorite Freddy movie of all time and one of my favorite horror flicks as well.  The movie poster freaked me out as a kid and only cemented my desire to see the movie anyway I could.  Thanks to my oblivious grandmother I was able to see this movie in the theater and it promptly scared the shit out of me.  Even now this movie has the ability to unnerve me on some levels.  One, two, here are some bullet points for you:

  • Freddy is still scary in this entry.  He has his one liners, but they come off more malicious than in later entries.
  • First appearance of Hypnocil.  I always thought this was a cool plot point but even in Freddy Vs. Jason they didn’t do much with it.  It’s a shame.
  • “In my dreams I am the Wizard Master.”
  • This amazing music video:
  • The marionette kill is still one of the most inventive kills in the entire franchise.

  • Joey and the Freddy Nurse gave me weird boners.
  • The plot point that Freddy is absorbing the souls of his “children” is awesome, especially with how they decided to show it:
  • “Welcome to prime time bitch!”
  • This beautiful bastard:
  • John Saxon fighting the “Harryhausen-like” Freddy skeleton.
  • “Have a nice stroll, asshole.”  KINCAID FOR LIFE.


Also as a special treat, here is the original script written by Wes Craven and Bruce Wagner prior to the rewrites by Frank Darabont and Chuck Russel.  The original script is much darker I’m not sure which one I actually prefer but I did love the idea that kids were being drawn to Freddy’s house and then committing “suicide”.  There are some awesome scenes in the original script (the “D&D” stuff is much better than what we got in the final flick.) that were changed in the version we got, and some of the ideas were used in later movies as well.