Shadowrun Returns First Look – Alpha Footage


Last year Harebrained Schemes started a Kickstarter to raise funds to bring Shadowrun back from the FPS hell that Microsoft took it to.  They were able to raise a little over 1.8 million dollars to bring this classic pen and paper game to life as an isometric third person role playing game that turns into a turn-based tactics game when in combat.  The result?  IT’S FUCKING AWESOME. I was lucky enough to back this project and have been following along with each new piece of information they have released.  Well today they released a 20 minute video that is our first look at actual game play footage and I couldn’t be happier with my 50 dollar donation.

In this 20 minute video the creators take us through a few different scenarios and show how the different classes play out.  Riggers are awesome, Shamans will fuck you up, and don’t mess with Jake Armitage (YESSSSSSS).  This game cannot be released fast enough.  It will be in your face early summer 2013.