Game of the Day – Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Pixelated greatness.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors, on the SNES of course, completely took a hold of me as a 12-year-old child. My best friend and I would play this game for hours stopping only to fight over who gets to play as Zeke when we hit the eventual game over screen.   It is one of the best in the run-and-gun genre and still holds up today.  BULLET POINTS ATE MY NEIGHBORS:

  • Made by LucasArts when they still worked on great games.
  • The animation in the game is smooth, varied, and expressive.  Not always an easy feat on such limited hardware.
  • It has 48 stages.  Forty-Eight.  It takes skill to reach the end and plenty of kids tried.  I never made it unfortunately.
  • It has enemies based on older and modern horror films.  Zombies, mummies, werewolves, gill-men, giant spiders, the blob, killer dolls, and even Jason showed up in this game. Seeing a version of Jason Voorhees in a video game that doesn’t suck was a revelation to a younger me.
  • All of the different weapons.  Especially the potion that turned you into a bad ass monster.
  • The soundtrack.
  • The different title cards before each level.  Such as this one:
  • And of course, this bastard: