Movie of the Day – Kids in the Hall – Brain Candy


Eyes up here soldier.

From Kids in the Hall – Brain CandyBuy it here

Brain Candy is a goddamn comedic masterpiece.   In the 90’s The Kids in the Hall could do no wrong when it came to sketch comedy.  I remember my dad loving this show and thanks to him I fell in love with Chicken Lady, the fur trappers, girl-drink drunk and the rest of the ridiculousness. It seemed like a no-brainer for the Kids to branch out to cinema.  Unfortunately the movie tanked at the box office and we never received another cinematic entry from the group.  While this saddens me, the movie we did get is still hilarious and awesome.  Here are a few reasons why this movie is great:

  • “When I was a little boy, my mother used to sing me a song. It went like this: “Life is short, life is shit, and soon it will be over.””
  • Bruce McCulloch as the fake Glenn Danzig
  • This scene:

  • Bruce McCulloch as Cisco and Cancer Boy.
  • The cops.  The cops are always great.
  • Dave Foley isn’t an embarrassment in this.
  • Brendan Fraiser
  • The gay father.
  • Pretty much everything.  Seriously.  This movie is awesome.  Go watch it right now.