Movie of the Day – Planet Terror


What an airhead.

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Planet Terror is one of Robert Rodriguez’s best movies in my opinion.  I know a lot of people will disagree with that statement, but I don’t care.  Planet Terror is an incredibly fun movie that reminded me a lot of the crazy ridiculous horror movies I used to rent based solely on their VHS box art.  Pairing it up with Death Proof and some fake trailers made Grindhouse an awesome theater experience.  Just some of the reasons why Planet Terror is my favorite R.R. flick:

  • Jeff  “I was once Darkman” Fahey is in it and that automatically makes any movie awesome.
  • It’s the best thing Fergie has ever done.
  • Michael Biehn being resurrected from the pits of shitty movie hell puts in a great performance.
  • Freddy Rodriguez as El Wray – “That’s my jacket. I looked for it for two weeks. “
  • The Crazy Babysitter Twins:
  • Tom Savini and his wedding ring.
  • It has some great death scenes, such as this one:
  • Bruce Willis actually looks like he’s having fun in his role as Lt. Muldoon.
  • The “missing” reel.
  • The scene between Jeff Fahey and Michael Biehn regarding the BBQ recipe.
  • “I’m gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.”
  • It has a fantastic cover of Dead Kennedys “Too Drunk to Fuck” by Nouvelle Vague: