Movie of the Day – Dawn of the Dead


FPS Doug would be proud.

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Dawn of the Dead is partially responsible for the Brain Dead Radio empire.  That’s right; without this movie this site, Podcaust,  our dozens of podcast episodes, and BDRCADE may never have existed.  Ceej and I completely bonded and became great friends due to our mutual love of this movie back in college.  We’ve been zombie fans since we were little kids.  You know, back when there were not a million zombie  and before they became romantic comedies.  George Romero is one of our heroes and this movie still completely rocks.  Here are a few reasons why this movie still kicks ass:

  • The sense of dread that permeates the entire movie is fantastic.  Especially the clusterfuck that is the beginning of the movie.
  • Ken “THE MOTHERFUCKING MAN” Foree as Peter.
  • The soundtrack by Goblin.
  • This guy:
  • The awesome “mistake” of orange blood and blue makeup thanks to the film stock.  Tom Savini may not be happy with it, but it gives the movie a dream like look that totally works for me.
  • Richard France as Dr. Milliard Rausch – “Dummies! Dummies! Dummies!”
  • The scenes where the main characters are shown “relaxing” in the mall while the world is going to shit outside.   Having romantic dinners, playing arcade games, ice skating, etc..
  • The “Frankenstein Monster” zombie getting his scalp cut off by the helicopter.
  • Ken Foree shooting the zombie kids in the airstrip building.
  • Tom Savini as one of the motorcycle raiders.
  • The pie fight.
  • “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”