Movie of the Day – Sinister


They went in a weird direction for Super 8 II.

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Sinister surprised me.  The trailers didn’t do much for me and I assumed it was going to be another let-down like Insidious (the 3rd act ruined it for me) but Ethan Hawke brings his A-game in this and it’s suitably creepy.  Reasons this movie deserves a watch, now in digestible bullet point form!

  • The opening shot which you can see up above.  It sets the tone that you’re probably going to see some messed up shit.
  • Ethan Hawke’s best role since those movies based on times of the day.
  • Ziggy from The Wire as Deputy S0-and-So and Julie Rylance as Tracy.  Both did an amazing job.
  • Ethan Hawke’s reactions to the snuff movies are much more convincing than Nic Cage’s in 8MM. However, they are not as funny.
  • The best use of a lawn mower in recent memory.
  • Pagan deities are not used in horror movies nearly enough.
  • A really great soundtrack.