Movie of the Day – Tango & Cash


I will never be as cool as Kurt Russell.

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Tango & Cash is one of my favorite “buddy cop” flicks of all time.  Mostly due to the awesomeness that is Kurt Russell.  Kurt is the goddamn man.  But he is not the only reason this movie is great.  Once again in an easy to digest list here are some more reasons why I love this flick:

  • Sly Stallone playing against type as the uptight cop is a nice change of pace.
  • Sly Stallone and Kurt Russell’s chemistry in this is great
  • Brion James will always be the best lackey a bad guy can have in an action movie.
  • Kurt Russell in drag.
  • “This whole thing…fucking sucks!”
  • Robert “OMG HIS FACE” Z’dar.
  • Michael Pollard as the tech guy.
  • One of the best high fives ever: