Movie of the Day – Demolition Man


"..cause it's a 187 on a undercover cop"

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Demolition Man is my favorite Sly Stallone flick that isn’t called First Blood.  It’s silly at times but is also one  kick ass action flick.  Let’s go through some reasons why this movie is awesome:

  • Wesley Snipes’s best role.  Shut up.  It is.
  • Sly bungee jumping into the fray in the beginning of the movie.  That is pretty bad ass.
  • Hot Dogs.  Armour Hot Dogs.
  • The Fast Food Wars and Taco Bell winning them.
  • The 3 seashells.
  • The “sex scene” and Sly’s reaction to it.
  • Denis Leary as Edgar Friendly:
    That’s right. You see, according to *Cacteau’s* plan. *I’m* the enemy. Because I like to think, I like to read. I’m into freedom of speech, freedom of choice. I’m the kind if guy who would sit in the greasy spoon and think “Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the big rack of Barbecued spare ribs with the side order of gravy fries?” I *want* high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, butter and buckets of cheese alright? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in a non-smoking section. I wanna run around naked with green jell-o all over my body reading a Playboy magazine. Why? Because maybe I feel the need to okay pal? I’ve *seen* the future, you know what it is. It’s made by a 47 year-old virgin in gray pajamas soaking in a bubble bath, drinking a broccoli milkshake and thinking “I’m an Oscar-Meyer Wiener”. You wanna live on top, you gotta live Cacteau’s way. What he wants, when he wants, how he wants. Your other option: come down here, maybe starve to death. “
  • Glen Shadix is always nice to see in a movie.
  • “He’s finally matched his meet. You really licked his ass. “
  • The last battle between Simon and John.  Anything having to do with liquid nitrogen in an action scene is usually awesome.