Movie of the Day – Last Action Hero


Jack Slater doesn't look back at explosions and neither should you.

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This movie is one of my all time favorite Arnold flicks.  I know that most people find it completely silly but I am not one of those people.  This movie is awesome for the following easy to digest bullet points:

  • Tom Noonan as Ripper and Arnold as Jack Slater.  I always wanted a real “Jack Slater” movie.
  • The police chief’s outbursts
  • Bridgette Wilson is super hot in this flick
  • Charles Dance as Benedict
  • Benedict’s different glass eyes
  • Anthony Quinn as the inept sidekick.
  • The cameos/seeing Sylvester Stallone on the T2 poster
  • Charles Dance deciding on which movies to teleport into to wreak havoc in NY was such a great idea that never fully materialized unfortunately.
  • Benedict’s Theory :
  • Leo the Fart